Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What now?

If you are Boise State head coach Chris Peterson (right) how do you capitalize on their recent success after beating Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl?

If they are thinking about this now, it is probably too late. At Vanderbilt, while not complete, we give regular attention to what we would do if we caught "lightening in the bottle".

Since this is my blog, let me take a quick stab at it.

  1. Identify talking points - no matter what you do or say or who you say it to, there needs to be a consistent message. I would go with the Cinderella theme and re-emphasize the brand they clearly have for attracting overachievers who were passed over from the "big" schools.
  2. Pitch big - They probably only have about a week to remain hot (until the National Championship game), therefore I would identify the 10 biggest opportunities for marketing the program and University. My top ten would be something like this: Oprah, Cold Pizza, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Costas Now, Outside the Lines, Fox Pregame before the UF/OSU game, NPR (radio), Jim Rome (radio).
  3. Reconnect with BSU fans - Host a reception at one of their facilities to allow Boise to celebrate with them and spread the love; perhaps before a basketball game.

Remember, chance favors the prepared mind.

Take care.

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