Sunday, January 07, 2007


As I get ready for our first marketing staff meeting of the year tomorrow, I am excited to try out one of the exercises I have used on a few different people. It will be very interesting to do this with my staff, as they are all within 3 years of age and all male.

We will be exploring our brand.

What is our brand. In "The Elusive Fan, Reinventing Sports in a Crowded Marketplace", a brand is defined as a distinguishable characteristic.

What is Vanderbilt athletics' distinguishable characteristic? I have asked about 9 people differing in age, race, and gender and more importantly fandom. At the end of the exercise we examine what our current brand is and what it should be. These answers will guide our planning for next year.

My current trouble is whether a brand should differ regarding the program and the entertainment value. Hmm.

The overwhelming answer to what our brand IS, and pretty close to what it SHOULD BE centered around the following: classic, true student athlete, underdog, intelligent, etc

I am trying not to let my own beliefs interfere with this study. But, this is the fun part of the job. Shaping people's opinions. Transforming perceptions.

Take care.

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