Monday, January 08, 2007


Advertising, or awareness as I like to call it, has many misconceptions. Many consumers, or staff, or fans in our case like to debate which medium to utilize. Some like TV, some like radio, some like direct mail, some just love outdoor. You get the picture.

When we have retreats with the staff like what we will be having next week, these questions routinely come up. Therefore I thought I would share my strategy when it comes to placing media or conducting an email or direct mail campaign.

Relevance is very relevant.

I am a big fan of direct mail, email, and database marketing in its full extent. Why, because I hate wasting money on people who are unlikely to be interested in what I am selling.

When I use the line above, many people say something like "why do you use so much direct mail? I usually call that junk mail."

My distinction is that junk mail is junk when it is not relevant. I just checked the mail and got a lot of junk mail. However, had there been a piece with a Cardinals logo, or a photo of the new Busch Stadium I would have opened it and gave it at least brief attention. And in today's hectic world, brief is sometimes all you have.

The same strategy applies in mass media. I like to pour as much of our TV budget when I think the most likely VU fans might be tuning in ... our televised football games or other SEC games.

Ratings are good, but relevance is great!

Take care.

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