Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Failing to plan is planning to fail

That is one phrase I can not get out of my head. I am not even sure where I heard it first. But, me and my staff work very hard to be prepared to capitalize on any sliver of success.

March 2007 provides such an opportunity.

While I will not talk about the full plan (I believe in jinxes), we will launch the second phase tonight on our website, vucommodores.com.

What a good March Madness plan should include:
  1. Buzz -the plan should be something creative, that is easy to spread around a group of fans who are eager to share in some fandom
  2. Media Friendly - a new campaign/plan should be easy to implement and grasp and capture via the print/TV/radio media.
  3. Scalable - a solid plan should have the ability to scale up depending on the level of enthusiasm and success.
  4. Revenue - you really do not have a plan if there is no provision for revenue generation
  5. Interactivity - a good campaign in the Internet era (can we still say that?) should allow for fans to share in their excitement whether it be in photos, videos, or written pieces.

Many of our plans of which we are most proud never see the light of day. Let's hope we get to phase II of the campaign. Stay tuned as I will discuss each phase as they happen and provide some critique of how well we did.

Take care.

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