Thursday, July 12, 2007

Naming Not Nonsense

What do the following have in common:
Which Wich
Venti Caramel Mocchiato
Cherry Garcia

Not only are the above very successful products or brands, but they are also incredibly fun to say. Are they not?

I mean, two weeks ago I probably had 30 people asking other folks what the heck a Flugtag was. I didn't know either, but after asking and discovering, I felt I had some sort of weird, event-name currency because not everyone knew what it was. It is this type of "currency" that is the foundation of Buzzmarketing.

Clearly the Flugtag was a pretty good event, but the more interesting thing was that not once did I see one mass media ad. Not one. Yet I wanted to go, many people I knew went. Why? I think a lot goes back to having a fun name.

So what in the world might this have to do with college marketing? That is what I trying to determine. Since I can't rename our University, let's look at some opportunities we may have.

Concessions, parking lots, ticket packages, seating sections, game personnel, etc. With our branding efforts centered around true student-athlete, social affair, Nashville tradition, collegiality, family entertainment, and the underdog below are some random attempts:
  • Buttonhook Burger (might allow a Dad to explain what the heck a buttonhook is to his son)
  • Hot Diggity Dog (stolen)
  • Me, Mom, and Pop Pack (family ticket package)
  • Yippi Di Do Da Dollar Days ($1 ticket games)
  • Tickle Me Tater Tots

You see where this is going. Join in, and send me your samples.

Take care.

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