Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wow, it's been a while

Sorry for the long period of time between posts. Not a great way to build a consistent readership huh?

Had big ideas, but I think I started this project at a terrible time, begining of football season. Well, now as we are about to ring in the new year, I have re-dedicated myself to this blog.

This is my favorite part of the year.

You see, I am what some call an idea guy. Some use that term in a derogatory manner suggesting they can not really execute their ideas. Those perceptions serve as my major motivation.

At this time of year, all the plans for this academic year have been planned, executed, and succeeded or failed by now. We must now look to next year, with heightened expectations, and more opportunity to turn Vanderbilt into a differentiated sports entertainment option.

I have several ideas I want to flesh out, and this should be the place to do it, right?

Until then, see you later and take care.

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